Lessons learned – Tesco and mobile customer experience

This short talk from Nick Lansley (Head of R&D, Tesco) at BLN’s MiM 2011 reveals the real reasons why Tesco entered mobile, their experimental approach and how they increased sales and profit as a result.

Nick will be sharing his insights about where retail is winning in mobile and where retailers can learn from other industries at our forthcoming MiM Forum 2012 (22nd March, London).

BLN MiM2012 is different from a lot of mobile events you might have been to. We are not selling speaking slots to sponsors so you end up hearing from people with genuinely valuable, interesting content that will help you define your mobile strategy. Our supporters understand that the best way to grow their businesses is to help grow the industry. We think this approach is unusual, if not unique, in the mobile industry. 

  • You hear from and meet leading practitioners who have applied mobile to their businesses and generated cash as a result.
  • Alongside them, 12 hand-selected businesses compete for the MiM Award by telling us, in 5 minutes, how they are making mobile happen.

Read what people say about our BLN events here, and remember, if you come to the MiM Forum and don’t feel that you got value, we will refund the price of your ticket.

Early bird tickets are still available until midnight 6th February 2012, so be quick or you’ll miss out. We sold out last year.