Being remarkable has never felt so great.


Upon closing this book I lifted my head and sat up straight, filled with belief in my potential as a marketer and aspiration for the results I can achieve. And it only took me an afternoon to read it. Who wouldn’t read a book like this?

Firstly, like the cover of the book (which pleasantly resembles a chocolate bar), Godin’s writing activates the senses. Pumped with punchy, thought-provoking sentences this book feels less like a ‘guide to marketing’ and more like a push towards a completely revitalised career in being cutting-edge awesome. It’s a guide on how to be remarkable – building your brand and/or service as not only pioneering but influencing in its industry. ‘OK, alright, but how?’ you cry. In his book Purple Cow Godin out rightly rebukes the fear of failure and outlines the idea that marketing and design go hand in hand. Each mini chapter is also helpfully concluded with direct and practical questions to shake up your dusty thought process and set you on the path for innovation. This is a handy-sized reference which every marketer should place in their library (or handbag); if not for the dozens of uncanny examples of success and failures, at least for the motivation provided for those slumping their shoulders in the marketing team. Be inspired to create and offer the world something worth talking about, like the purple cow.