Fun facts and some unbelievable stats from Google about mobile advertising.

Interesting short video from Google about smartphones with not a mention of Android.

Some takeaway stats:

  • 39% of people say they use their smartphone in the bathroom. (Presumably the other 61% are liars).
  • 70% of people with a smartphone use it while shopping instore – to compare prices, find competitors, get coupons and check availability.
  • 74% of people made a purchase as a direct result of the info they got from their smartphone. (Google says that this adds up to big spending, but is it? This is unlikely to be additional spend, rather consumers using smartphones to get better deals. I think retailers are just as worried about ‘smartlifting’ – finding the item you want in store and buying it cheaper via your mobile phone). (In fact, I don’t know what the word is for this so I made one up).
  • 95% of people use their smartphone to find local products and services – from pizza to movies to taxis. (This shows a much higher intent to buy – 88% of people use this information to make a purchase within a day).
  • 71% of people use a smartphone to search for something because they saw an ad. (43% reacting to traditional print media, 17% to a display ad on a mobile device).
  • 83% of people recall seeing mobile ads. (Which means that I and every person I know personally sits in that minority 17%).
  • 79% of the top advertisers don’t have a mobile optimised website.

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