New Olympic Sport – most desperate attempt to associate marketing with the London Olympics

One of the great things about the Olympics and other big sporting and cultural events is that marketing departments across the land get the opportunity to demonstrate just how desperate they can be. The London Olympics will be a source of huge pleasure to any fans of terrible marketing.

I am expecting plenty more of this so intend to award a bronze, silver and gold medal this summer for the most desperate attempt to associate a company with the Olympics through a marketing campaign. Do send any rubbish marketing campaigns you find my way.

Congratulations Aqua London for spamming us with this egregious piece of crap which came as a single jpeg, no text. No clickable links. I did go to your website. It is so unbelievably bad, I am linking to it here so other people can have a laugh too My favourite tab is the ‘Hip Happenings’ tab. Not much going on there…

Olympics 2012 Aqua


Citius, Altius etc.

London 2012 Logo shit