The big gun is back… Paul Harvey steps back into European Technology banking

I have always had a lot of time for Paul Harvey. I first met him in Disneyland at a technology conference at the height of the dotcom BOOM – shortly before the BUST. The conference took over the whole theme park in the evening and we didn’t have to queue for anything. Can’t remember what conference it was though, there were so many huge ones in those days. He was at Goldman Sachs then though he spent a lot of time afterwards developing an idea for venture funds in the UK and Europe that would imitate the Israeli model.

Euro dismal

Next time at Euro Disney involved more queuing.

Always a very interesting guy.

Great to see him back in the investment banking saddle again now he has landed at Stifel Nicolaus Weisel in London as their Head of European Technology. I look forward to watching developments with interest. He knows his technology onions.