Two tickets for the price of one & The Single Founder Special at Business of Software 2012

A follow up on our Startup two for one offer at Business of Software. We did say we would try to match founders who wanted to take advantage but here is an easier way.

Here’s the deal for single startup founders – save 50%.

If you’re a single founder and want to grow a great software business, we would love you to come to:

“The best conference of the year”, (Tobi Lutke, CEO, Shopify)

Don’t take our (Or Tobi’s) word for it though… Jason Cohen, (Smart Bear Software and WP Engine) says:

“If you’re a serious software entrepreneur in any stage, it will change your life to attend Business of Software:

Dharmesh Shah, CTO & Founder, Hubspot calls it,

“My favorite Conference”

Joel Spolsky, CEO, Fog Creek & Stack Exchange

“Every speaker is a keynote quality speaker… What you are learning is how to make a product that is useful in the world.”

And here is ALL the feedback from last year… And who’s coming to Business of Software this year?.

So, if you want to come, and can’t take advantage of the Business of Software Startup BOGOF – either because you are a single founder or you you don’t think you can afford to send two founders out of the office/bedroom/Starbucks/incubator/AOL (we love that story), the price just, ‘feels too much right now’ and you don’t know if it will be ‘value right now’, or whatever…

If you are a startup founder, you can attend Business of Software at a 50% discount to the current price – prices rise as we get closer to the event.

We have 20 places available.

You qualify if you:

  • Are attending Business of Software for the first time.
  • Have been incorporated since October 1st 2011.
  • Really want to join our amazing community of software people.
  • Are FULLY committed to the startup – it must be your primary job – not a side project, a full-on, full-time gig.

Use the DISCOUNT CODE – Startup50 when you register – this link takes you straight to the discount registration.

If you have any doubt about whether you meet the criteria to qualify, please contact us directly to check.