Public Sector Employment & Public Sector Spending by percentage of GDP for English Regions, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland

Contrary to popular myth, Scotland doesn’t have the highest percentage of public sector spending by GDP. (I am often told that Public Sector spending in Scotland is about 2/3 GDP).

In terms of percentage of population employed by public sector, Northern Ireland is the clear ‘leader’:

  • Northern Ireland – 27.7% population employed in Public Sector
  • Wales – 25.6% population employed in Public Sector
  • Scotland – 23.7% population employed in Public Sector
  • England – 19.6% population employed in Public Sector (Though north East has 25.0% population employed in Public Sector)

When you look at Public Sector Spending as a percentage of GDP, Northern Ireland is still way out in front:

  • Northern Ireland – 68% Public Sector spending as % of GDP
  • Wales – 66% Public Sector spending as % of GDP
  • Scotland – 50% Public Sector spending as % of GDP
  • England – 41% Public Sector spending as % of GDP (Though North East is 60%).