People & Mobile – the key to Facebook’s future

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, spoke at Tech Crunch Disrupt yesterday. Lots has been written already about the talk but we did think it was interesting to see the things he emphasised in his interview.

This is a Wordle of the 40 most commonly used words in Mark Zuckerberg’s talk at Tech Crunch Disrupt, September 2012.

Mark Zuckerberg Tech Crunch Disrupt Talk September 2012

Seems a pretty accurate reflection of the focus at Facebook at the moment.

Mobile is obviously key to the future success of the business though it might be a little disingenious to suggest that HTML5 has been a root cause of their problems. Most commentators seem to suggest that Facebook’s HTML issues come down to improper use of the technology. The super smart Aral Balkan summed this point of view up:

Notice how Zuck said their mistake was using HTML5, not abusing HTML to make native apps? HTML gets the blame, exactly as I predicted…

You can read an excellent, detailed, article by Aral Balkan on the subject of ‘Web or Native‘ in Smashing Mag.

So this is Mary Beth Turner, talking at the Making it Mobile Forum in March of this year about the’s HTML5 proposition…

No-one has scaled HTML5 technology to the extent that Facebook wanted to, but the number of companies in the world that have the potential to do so are obviously limited. That doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, you need to use the technology in the way it was intended.