MiM 2012: Ready, Fire, Aim. Domino’s Pizza on learning by doing.

Colin Rees, the IT manager at Domino’s Pizza, has an amazing success story – £1m of pizza sales per week through mobile apps speaks very loudly indeed. And how did they manage to delight customers so well? They ask, they listen and they iterate. Rapidly.

Colin talks about the upfront investment needed (‘we didn’t spend much time – any time at all – building a business case’) and the challenges of learning by doing. It’s inspiring stuff.

This talk was taken from our March edition of Making it Mobile. The Making it Mobile events are one day conferences for adopters of mobile to engage with disruptive businesses making mobile happen today. For the November edition we have lined up an exciting new programme of speakers who are integrating mobile into their business – find out more on the speakers and schedule here, or register for the event here.