How to start a conversation with anyone at Making it Mobile

Worried about networking at Making it Mobile? Would you like to know what people want to talk about?

I’m going to pause there and imagine you all enthusiastically nodding.

Well, here are a few hints to get you started, based on delegate’s responses to the registration question: ‘What mobile related thing is losing you sleep currently?’

Two big themes are emerging from the answers we’ve had: strategy and product development. No surprise there – in a fast moving market, many people want to find out what opportunities they might be missing, how the market might evolve in the near future and the best ways to engage and retain customers. For product development, the front running questions are about the potential of m-commerce, analytics, NFC and mobile device management.

No doubt we will hear more on a lot of these themes next wednesday, but in the meantime, a recent report from Accenture (download the full report here) confirms the emerging visibility of m-commerce as a feature consumers want to see

m-commerce growth from accenture report

So more than 50% of consumers are already interested in mobile payments, and note that this use is split between phones and tablets. This suggests that there is plenty of scope for a variety of solutions, tailored to the different patterns of use for mobile and tablets. Accenture asked for further details of what was being bought using mobile payments and this was the result:

M-commerce types accenture report

If you have data on which devices are typically used for each of these types of transaction then you’ve definitely got a conversation.

And if you have similar questions (or even some of the answers) you will meet some of the key pioneers of mobile at MiM2012, 28th November, London – an exceptional forum for people like you who are making mobile happen in their organisations:

  • The speakers lead the mobile charge in their business – you hear real stories, not endless vendor pitches.
  • The participants are ‘Doers’ with budgets – companies actively implement mobile, investors invest, business gets done.
  • The MiM Award showcases competitively selected businesses with thought-provoking ideas about how mobile will change business.

MiM2012 – is a cross-sector forum for mobile decision makers – retailers, brands, agencies, publishing, media businesses and financial services companies learn from each other and share best practice in the lightning fast environment of mobile enterprise. We showcase disruptive mobile businesses so you can be inspired or frightened by the speed of change.

  • Our goal is for every participant to leave with at least one meaningful action to implement in their business – and contacts to make it happen.