Making it Mobile: winners and what happened

We had an amazing group of doers in mobile gathered together yesterday for Making it Mobile and they saw some inspirational presentations from young mobile businesses vying for the Making it Mobile Awards.

Truly the UK’s mobile innovation scene is in great shape, and the judges struggled to pick a winner, but in the end Hailo won the day from YPlan and OrderMapper, who were tied in second place. Congratulations to Hailo – it’s hard to believe they’ve only just been in business one year.

Thank you allĀ  – award entrants, judges, and delegates. An especial thank you goes out to Twilio, who supported the award to showcase the best talent in the mobile industry and to Rackspace, who have been long term supporters of the event.

But there’s more to Making it Mobile than the awards, and for those of you who couldn’t be there, here’s some of the other things you missed:

– Renate Nyborg with 30 minutes of insightful, actionable reasons why mobile has not got the traction it needs in 2/3 of the UK’s top brands. If you want to know how to sell mobile to your CEO, her talk is a must-see

– Mark Sebba on Net-a-Porter’s journey into mobile platforms and how to run a great fashion brand online

– Unilever busting three of the great myths in mobile. You can: sell directly, tell great stories, scale

– Twilio’s amazing demonstration of just how quick and easy it is to integrate voice and text into your mobile tools. Less than two minutes (with laptop battery on emergency charge), rich information and a thoroughly engaging outcome. So cool we have forgiven them for Rickrolling the entire audience.

The presentations from the event will be made available on the BLN website over the next few weeks, although sadly we can’t recreate the opportunities to network with the other delegates, you will have to wait until the next edition of Making it Mobile for that.