MiM 2012: The British are a nation of interacters. Great news for mobile.

Ann Cook delivers some fantastic stats about the British nation and their willingness to interact with content on the telly:

  • 14.9 million individuals interacted with ITV last year
  • 6.5 million of these individuals interacted using mobile and this figure is constantly growing
  • Currently, 60% of all interactions with ITV happen on mobile. This figure rises up to 80% for shows attracting younger audiences like X-Factor.

But what does all this mean for you? Peoples’ willingness to interact means that your audience no longer just wants to consume the content you provide them. They want to express opinions, vote, enter competitions – be part of the content themselves.

It therefore no longer makes sense to regard people as viewers, but rather as sources of data. By interacting with content people you give details of their preferences, opinions, location and propensity to spend. Analysing this data and optimising accordingly can help you increase revenue. Ann Cook did this and increased revenue by 20%. Need we say anymore?

And that is what Making it Mobile is about – real, commercial opportunities that you can implement in your organisation now. Meet with other business leaders, share ideas and learn in content-rich, peer-to-peer environment. We want all participants to leave with at least one actionable idea for their organisations and the contacts to make it happen.