MiM 2012: what do your customers do when you can’t see them?

Ever wondered what your customers do with your product when you’re not in the room? Chances are it a) won’t be what you expect and b) will be one of the most valuable things you can know.

In this talk from the March edition of MiM, Matt Gierhart from Ogilvy sheds a little light on consumer behaviour and talks about how to work with these behaviours to build something that makes customers awesome. It’s a big topic, so big that we have added in an extra session to the November edition of Making it Mobile to cover some of the great new work being done with insights into human behaviour.

This talk was taken from our March edition of Making it Mobile. The Making it Mobile events are one day conferences for adopters of mobile to engage with disruptive businesses making mobile happen today. For the November edition we have lined up an exciting new programme of speakers who are integrating mobile into their business – find out more on the speakers and schedule here, or register for the event here.