Internet of Things 2013

The Internet of Things (IoT) Forum, 27th June 2013, Cambridge.

IoT13 – a one day forum for people building businesses in the Internet of Things for the people and companies turning connected devices into profitable businesses. We will discuss the commercial application of IoT, the investment opportunity and what it takes to make money – how can entrepreneurial businesses partner profitably with large enterprises? You will meet people who could be your future customers, investors, partners, advisers and collaborators.

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IoT13 considers:

  • Who is doing inspiring things with the Internet of Things?
  • What business models are best suited to the sector?
  • Which sectors are showing signs of success?
  • How large corporates are using connected devices and how to get involved?
  • What makes the difference between success and failure in IoT?
  • Where is the smart money going?

The BLN IoT Forum Promise

It’s simple. We are so confident you will enjoy and get value from our events that if you attend and don’t agree, we will refund your ticket price.

More information and event updates are available on the IoT website here.