BT, Neul, GreenPeak speakers join IoT13

We’re really pleased to announce three more great speakers for IoT13 from BT, Neul and GreenPeak Technologies:

Dr John Davies is Head of Semantic Technology at BT and has headed up BT’s involvement in the recent STRIDE project, meaning he combines deep understanding of the technical challenges and the business opportunities for the IoT in transportation and infrastructure.

Stan Boland is CEO of Neul and one of the UK’s most respected entrepreneurs. Having built and exited two highly successful semiconductor companies – Element14 and Icera – he is extremely well placed to understand the opportunities for IoT across many sectors.

Cees Link is the CEO of GreenPeak Technologies and one of the pioneers of the wireless data industry, developing the first wireless LANs for household use. He is now running GreenPeak Technologies, a leader in ZigBee based chip solutions for Smart Homes.

If you would like to participate in IoT13, please get in touch. Or sign up for the event here (EarlyBird tickets are still available, saving you £100 on full price).