$170 million exit for Norwegian Internet of Things company Energy Micro to Silicon Labs

Nice Internet of Things exit for Northzone Ventures and Investinor, Silicon Labs announced the acquisition of Energy Micro for $170 million last Friday. This IoT thing is not just for startups…

“Silicon Labs and Energy Micro share a complementary vision of a greener, smarter, wirelessly connected world, and the foundation for this combined vision is ultra-low-power technology enabled by each company’s innovative mixed-signal design,” said Tyson Tuttle, president and CEO of Silicon Labs. “This acquisition combines two proven leaders in nano-power MCU and wireless SoC design into a formidable force that will accelerate the deployment of energy-friendly solutions across the Internet of Things and smart energy industries.”

Some more about the deal here and you can watch the announcement made by Silicon Labs and Energy Micro below. I was worried this was going to be a horrible corporate video along with background cheesy music but this is actually a really nicely done announcement, (even if there is cheesy background music).

“If we could combine the Austin winter with the Oslo summer, we would have the perfect integration.” Tyson Tuttle, CEO, Silicon Labs.

It’s more evidence that big corporates are taking the Internet of Things seriously. Are you?