An IoT startup overview from one of the unsung heroes of the Internet of Things

IoT Hero of the week.

We have a lot of time for Alexandra¬†Deschamps-Sonsino (I suggest you call her, ‘Alex’), founder of Good Night Lamp but one woman force of IoT nature. Alongside getting her startup off the ground, she runs the IoT Meetup in London, set up the Internet of People – an IoT Consultancy, appears regularly on panels advising the government and anyone else who is interested in the Internet of Things.

I think it is fair to say she probably knows more than anyone about what it is like trying to get an IoT startup off the ground and here she shares her thoughts on the IoT startup ecosystem.

What does it mean to be an IoT Startup? I particularly like the slide (page 9) about the four types of IoT startup. Many of the startups in the ecosystem haven’t worked out which type they are but it strikes us that this is the first step to getting your idea off the ground.

If you are a startup in the IoT, you should also take a look at Steve Blank’s piece on the four types of entrepreneurship:

  • Small business/lifestyle entrepreneur
  • Scalable startup entrepreneur
  • Corporate entrepreneurship
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Each class of entrepreneurship requires entirely different sets of skills and support to make it work.

Congratulations, Alex, you are our IoT hero of the week.

Look forward to seeing you at the Internet of Things Forum (#IoT13), next week, 27th June, in Cambridge.