Excellent tips for running project Post-Mortems

Some great tips for running a Post-Mortem on a failed project in this deck from Dan Milstein at Hut 8 Labs. Whether you are running Lean as a startup, or working in a team of hundreds, when something goes wrong it is often painful to sit down and work out why. Dan discusses how to take the emotion out of the process by adopting an economic, not moral mindset as a framework for the discussion.

He shows you how to:

  • Use humour to make a Post-Mortem worthwhile.
  • Avoid hindsight bias.
  • Accept, (relish!), the quirks in your own systems so that you can focus on making achievable, affordable changes rather than conclude the only path forward is to start everything from scratch.
  • Encourage small changes, not large ones, from your team.

He also has some interesting ideas about how to run your own Post-Mortems.