Ones to Watch at IoT13: 12 of the best.

Well. That was a challenge. The range and quality of entries for the One to Watch showcase was amazing and it has been a struggle to pick our shortlist from over 60 applications – even after we extended the number of slots available. We could easily have put a series of successful companies together from our applications from a single vertical but we want to demonstrate the range of great companies that are emerging from the IoT firmament.

However, in the end we have selected the following businesses to present on the 27th June:

  • Electric Imp
  • Unioncy
  • Good Night Lamp
  • Xively
  • Concirrus
  • SigFox
  • Thingworx
  • Bleep Bleeps
  • Etherios
  • Berg
  • Datownia
  • Abacus

With this list we want to highlight a cross section of companies Рfrom startups to established, profitable ventures Рwho we think have potential to drive the IoT forward. While we wanted to highlight the businesses that could really harness the potential of the IoT across a range of verticals, what surprised us was the great range of roles across the shortlist. Platform as a system, hardware modules, development platforms, consumer products, network operators, B2B integrations Рthey are all represented here. Which tells us that the IoT ecosystem is developing very fast indeed.

We are also working out how we can get some of the other applicants air time on the day. Watch this space.

To hear from each of the companies about their businesses, their aspirations and their needs, sign up for IoT13 here. Or if you want to know more about IoT13 – including all the other speakers, the sessions etc, there is much more detail on the IoT Forum site here.