The Age of Context. A talk by Robert Scoble at Rackspace. Download slides.

At an ‘Audience with Robert Scoble’ last night organised by our partners in the IoT forum Rackspace, Robert shared a great talk about what he refers to as the Age of Context.

This is something that he started to think about as the avalanche of entrepreneurial companies that he sees everyday started to show five strong trends:

  • Wearable computers
  • New types of DB and ways of handling data
  • New sensor stuff
  • Social networks are expanding exponentially
  • Location based services

Together, (what we might call the Internet of Things), these developments are creating the Age of Context, an age of better sound, health, more effective marketing (this is ALWAYS promised as one of the key advantages of any new technology by the way though our worlds are still filled with lame ads), where you will be tracked.

A very interesting discussion with the world’s favourite early adopter. Scoble has an almost childlike fascination with any new technology though he also has the wit and intelligence to adjust his pitch to bring the doubters on board as anyone that watched him talking to Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight last night would realise.

The slides from Robert’s talk…

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