Volkmar Denner, CEO, Bosch on the Internet of Things

Great note about the Internet of Things from the CEO of Bosch, Volkmar Denner. Bosch is a big company in case you didn’t know. How big? Over 300,000 employees big. Pretty cool that the CEO of a company that size is thinking about the Internet of Things so carefully. Well worth reading the full article.

Some interesting thoughts on IoT and what it means for Bosch, industry, consumers and the rest of the world but he also makesa fantastic point that a lot of people seem to forget as they are carried away with their own visions of the future – the IoT is very complex technology but the whole point is that it needs to make people’s livers simpler.

“My personal conclusion is that the IoTS will drastically improve manufacturing industry’s engineering, production, logistics, and life-cycle management processes. But there are still some challenges left to overcome:

  1. We know that connected technology is usually complex technology. But this technology must make life and work simpler, not more complex.
  2. We have to address the arising concerns that there will be no control over autonomous behavior of machines and intelligent objects and concentrate on ensuring that communication among people, machines, and products works as naturally as it does in a social network.

“I am convinced that we won’t ever see a time when we have fully automated factories completely devoid of human beings. Manufacturing will continue to follow the pace we as people set.”

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