Andy Stanford Clark, IBM, on trajectories for the Internet of Things

If you are wondering why you should sit up and pay attention to the Internet of Things this year, this is for you.

Andy Stanford Clark has been working with automation projects for more than a decade, both for his home life and for his work, as a Master Inventor at IBM. He kicked off IoT13 for us by reviewing his experience and explaining how the Internet of Things is moving from one off hacks and hobby projects to a much more scaleable and reproducible technology base that can support all manner of commercial enterprises.

From code on devices to tools on platforms, with robust & secure IT solutions, the IoT is coming of age technically.¬†And if you’re wondering how it might make life a little bit better for your customers, we have a great bundle of showcases from businesses that are already working that out which we will publish over the next couple of weeks.

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