IoT13 panel: smart cities, transportation and other collaborative projects

Some of the biggest games in IoT-town right now call for collaborations: smart cities, transportation projects and a variety of other infrastructure rollouts.

So we thought it would be interesting to get a panel together at IoT13 to look at projects of these type and unpick what the business case is and how an entrepreneurial IoT business might get involved. Here are the results – look out particularly for interesting projects to get involved in at 16:30 onwards:

Conclusions? Well, there are still more questions than answers, but generally the trends seem to be that there is more traction from looking at specific pain points in infrastructure projects and building solutions for those which will eventually integrate. Another point that the panel agreed on is that right now the hot subjects for investment are the tools that will build the IoT (the Levis, shovels and picks of the IoT gold rush) and that right now the benefits of IoT are not being packaged in exciting ways for consumers. Could it be that those who make shovels are not the right people to make gold jewellery?

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