Business of Software 2014

Business of Software is a two and a half day conference for independent software vendors to gather, discuss and learn from each other and some of the most highly regarded thinkers in the industry how to build better, more sustainable, more profitable software businesses.

Over the years we have gathered an impressive back catalogue of contributions from speakers such as Clay Christensen, Kathy Sierra, Seth Godin, Dharmesh Shah, Joel Spolsky, Patrick McKenzie, Prof Rita Gunther Mcgrath, Eric Ries and many others.

But the real reason delegates come back year after year are the connections they make with each other – the help, the mentoring and the partnerships that are developed are something we’re very proud to support.

We love running BoS and are very proud of the fact that it is one of the most highly regarded conferences in the software industry, with 95% delegates saying they would recommend it to a friend. See the feedback (uncensored) from 2012 here – some edited highlights:

‘One of the best places to meet the people who actually make significant revenues in the software industry.’

‘You are guaranteed to learn something or meet someone that makes the trip worth it on their own. As a bonus you get to go to an awesome software conference.’

‘It’s rare that I can have an interesting business conversation with any random person next to me – this is one of the few venues where I can pick a person out of the crowd and have a deep meaningful conversation, help them, or learn from them’

You can keep up to date with developments on the BoS 2014 conference on the website here.