Developers, entrepreneurs & depression. No! You are not alone

We think this is very important and urge you to watch and share if you think the same.

At last week’s Business of Software Conference in Boston, Greg Baugues talked about his personal struggles with depression and ADHD. the talk is moving, very funny, thoughtful and actionable – whether you experience this yourself, or know someone who does – you almost certainly will. In a show of hands during the talk, Greg asked how many people in the room knew of someone close to them, either at work or at home, that had similar experiences. Every hand in the room was raised. More than that, a very significant percentage of people in the room of 400 people then, bravely, shared the fact that they had experience of depression or some form of mental illness themselves.

In subsequent talks, a number of Internet and software heroes who were speaking also acknowledged publicly their own, first hand experiences.

We rushed the editing of the video through as we felt it was important that this was shared as fast as we could.

The talk has been up for a week and has already been viewed by over 25,000 people in more than 150 countries. More importantly, people are watching this and finding strength from the fact that they are not alone and indeed, it helps to talk about how you feel. In a world that sometimes feels to be focused relentlessly on growth, profit and the heroic (but relentless) grind of entrepreneurship, this might just be the most important video we have ever posted.

Take care.