IoT13 review: the story of the business of things

27th June, Cambridge, UK. Over 200 delegates, 23 speakers, 14 company pitches. And Commander Jean-Luc Picard.

All together at Robinson College to connect, debate and learn from each other about the commercial future of the IoT.

IoT13 looked at the commercial potential of the IoT market, where it was headed, how IoT businesses are making money and some of the challenges they are facing on their journey.

Now we are planning IoT14 (see below), we’ve put together a selection of the highlights of the event, as rated by the people who were there.

IoT 13 audience  IOT13 on stage IOT13 exhibition

It was a fantastic day, really enjoyable – you pulled it off in style. Packed audience, great speakers, great networking, and all very slickly organised. Pilgrim Beart, AlertMe

I met a lot of useful people, and I enjoyed the pitches and panels. Alex Van Someren, Amadeus Capital

I learned a tremendous amount at the conference and looking forward to seeing what happens next with many of the companies showcased. Ben Keyser, O2

The exhibition space was full of demonstrations and discussion among the delegates. Guests came from IoT companies (start ups to established businesses), investors in the space and larger corporate adopters. Among other things, we discussed some big questions:

Where will the IoT Journey Take Us?

How can you get involved in complex multi partner projects?

Where is the smart money in IoT?

The day also featured showcase presentations from some of the most promising businesses in the IoT: Good Night Lamp, Unioncy, Xively,, Concirrus, Electric Imp, Sigfox, Bleep Bleeps, Etherios, Thingworx, Berg, Clickslide Abacus and Datownia. Slides from all of our company presentations can be found here. If you would like to review the full programme for the day, it can be found here IoT13 schedule. The whole event was made possible by the support of our sponsors, committed to helping the growth of this exciting sector – BDO, Rackspace, UKTI, Taylor Wessing, DFJ Esprit, Erevena, Sigfox and Xively.

Want to know more?

We are running IoT14 on April 15th next year, at Robinson College Cambridge. If you’d like to know more and get involved, the site is here. Questions to