Some highlights from the BOS archive

Many people are familiar with Business of Software from the videos of talks from previous editions, freely available on the site for the US event here.

This post is for those who are not BoS regulars and want to get an idea of the topics, advice and perspectives that we deal with in every event. We’ve picked a selection of talks, highly rated by the BoS audience, that deal with a variety of topics. But first, an introduction to our community:

Kathy Sierra on building products your customer wants

Quite simply, brilliant. Not a talk about the mechanics of product development, but a call to arms for a completely different, user centric, approach to selecting the products you should be producing. Which, by the way produces products with baked in competitive advantage. Sound good? See more here:

Mikey Trafton on recruiting for world class culture

Mikey learnt about company culture the hard way on the day every member of his 8 man team quit on him. Since then it’s fair to say he’s given it a lot of thought. Here he proposes a simple, 3 step framework for building and staffing a world class culture

Jeff Lawson on Pricing

Beware – Jeff knows words that could offend some, but his understanding of the pricing dilemmas faced by many software businesses is second to none. This is a sharp and funny talk on one of the most frequently requested topics at BoS.

Dan Lyons on the uneasy relationship between the tech industry and tech journalism

Dan, a former editor of Newsweek best known for his ‘Fake Steve Jobs’ blog, gave us a brilliant hour on how tech media really works. The last 20 minutes in particular has some of the best, most actionable advice on how to engage the media I’ve seen.

Professor Clayton Christensen on the Job your Product Does

Serious strategy for serious businesses. Some useful takeaways: there will always be room for disruptive entrepreneurs. The job your product actually does for customers may well not be what you think it does.

More please!

This is a small sample of the 60 plus BoS talks available to the public. If you would like some more of the highest rated delivered direct to your inbox, plus updates on the BoS UK and US events, then you can sign up for our free ‘best of BoS’ series on the BoSUK home page.