Hacked Tesco customers love Charlie

These are the 50 most common passwords of 2,240 odd used to target Tesco customers to steal their Loyalty Vouchers. The emails and passwords of the hacked accounts have been posted on the internet.

The emails and passwords were harvested from other ecommerce sites then hackers used them to log in to Tesco.com by taking a wild guess that most people will use the same email and password for every site they shop on. I think Tesco have behaved very reasonably on this and have replaced any vouchers lost by those effected and the only way to protect consumers more from their own stupidity from an attack of this type would be two-factor authentication though this is probably going to put a lot of their customer base off.

Wordle: Wordle of passwords used to hack Tesco accounts

‘Charlie’ was by far the most popular password on the list though no one using ‘Charlie’ as a password had the name Charles or Charlie in their email address.

Just a reminder that it is a REALLY bad idea to use the same log in details for everything you do.