What you should buy for the ultimate IoT hackday? (Or indeed hack week).

If you are making/selling ‘stuff’ that would be ¬†interesting to IoT hackers get in touch with Red Gate Software, quick!

They run a quarterly ‘Down Tools Week’ where people are encouraged to look at new things and consider their implications for the business and indeed the business opportunities that new things might create.

Red Gate Hack Week IoT Credit Card

They have an interesting track record of delivering fledgling businesses out of the process though the primary intent is to make educate their people about new technologies.

Their IoT focused ‘Down Tools Week’ is next week and Mark Cheverton who is running the programme has bought a tonne of cool kit to play but he is open to having more. (In fact, here he is salivating over the kit he has purchased already though you will notice the Red Gate IoT Credit Card is in his hand).

There is a fairly comprehensive list of the things that he has purchased so far.

More important, if there is anything that you would suggest, (or indeed make yourself), get in touch with Mark quick as he wants to hear from you, purchase some stuff and offer some feedback on what they did with it. Mark is Ennui2342 on Twitter.

Hopefully, they will bring some of their projects along to the IoT Forum on 15th April and show us what they learned.