Business model innovation – the best kept secret in IoT?

For various reasons I was revisiting Alex Osterwalder’s excellent talk from BoS2011 about Business Model innovation. It’s a great talk on a great topic: using a new business model is often overlooked as a way to produce some competitive advantage but can work brilliantly, as Alex explains…

And never more so than when combined with the expansion of new technical tools and processes. Step forward the IoT. Here’s a brief clip of Dr Karolin Frankenberger, from the St Gallen Business Model Innovation Lab (by the way, all the best work on business models seems to be done in Switzerland, it seems to be a national specialty) talking about some of the radical new business models that IoT enables

If you want to spend a bit more time thinking about your business and how to monetise it, the St Gallen team have thoughtfully published an extensive guide to their research in Business Models. It’s a fairly academic, but very thought provoking read, and if you don’t come out of it with at least three new business ideas, you’re not the entrepreneur I thought you were.