Hell yes! This! Thought leadership & every corporate video you have ever seen

If I had 10 pence for every stupid approach from a marketing agency or big corporate who wanted to grace an event we were running with one of their corporate executives who wanted to,

“Share a thought leadership piece with our audience at, what was your event called again?”

I would have made 70 pence this week.

We don’t run events for big companies to come and pay their way onto a stage and then share videos like this because their views are usually incredibly boring. We want our events to be filled with great people who are actually doing stuff, not looking at an audience of people as a way to sell their existing chip solutions, router solutions, engineering solutions, security solutions, platform solutions, consulting solutions, finance solutions and then feed them stuff that is totally indistinguishable from any other corporate presentation that has to contain at least one video like this which we think is brilliant.

We love this.

In all honesty, it is virtually indistinguishable from a video that we got sent from a PR agency in New York last night.