5 reasons to register now for BoS UK

Here in Cambridge, spring has sprung, although my daughter doesn’t look totally convinced.

The end of April is the deadline to sign up for BoS UK at the early bird rate ( a savings of £400 on the full price ticket).

We’ve had a lot of enquiries about BoS UK so here’s a handy summary of why it’s worth booking your spot now, if you are responsible for growing a software business:

  1. A crash course from the best speakers. We don’t select speakers purely for a ‘name’ and a draw (although many big name speakers are big names for a good reason). We look for speakers who have useful, actionable insights and an engaging delivery, who have been where our delegates are or spent years thinking about the problems they face. Speakers announced for BoS UK include Alex Osterwalder, Sarah Hatter, Mikhael Runhem, Jeff Szczepanski, Derek Sivers and Tim Barker. More to be confirmed shortly.
  2. Dealing with the questions you’re facing now. Starting a software business is hard. Growing a software business is enormously hard. The range of new things most founders have to learn very quickly is dazzling, and best practise is changing all the time. No wonder it is an intense, emotional journey. Customer acquisition, building a team, company culture, leadership, customer support, strategy and business models – all topics we deal with.
  3. Find answers from your peers. As well as the speakers, the BoS community is made up of senior managers – founders, product people, marketeers, development – who are at similar stages and working on similar problems. Drawing on their experience is a very important part of what people get from BoS. Come prepared to learn from those ahead of you and teach those coming up behind.
  4. Make time to work on, not in, your business. Every team benefits from some time to depressurise and consider the big picture. BoS provides an efficient two day window for that, an opportunity to lift your head from your ‘to-do’ list and learn the best strategies for you to continue growth.
  5.  Make time to have some fun. Most of the best relationships, and best ideas, happen when people are relaxed and having fun. We try never to forget that. Plans for this year’s BoS include picnics, punting (inevitable really), ping pong, the traditional Lightning Talks and the computer games of your youth. We know more are going to emerge as the day gets closer.

Early bird rate closes at 11.30pm on wednesday 30th April, until then you can save £400 on a full price BoS UK ticket. Go here for registration