Microbusinesses in Cambridge, come meet your MP, Julian Huppert, to discuss #VATMESS #VATMOSS

Microbusinesses in Cambridge, come meet your MP, Julian Huppert, to discuss.

If there are any microbusinesses in the Cambridge area that want to discuss this with their MP, Julian Huppert, please contact me via email.

He is one of the best MPs I know – personally, I never vote for political parties, I vote for the person that I believe will represent the interests of their constituents and the country as a whole rather than toe the party line about X for the sake of not screwing up their chances of losing power in the next election so, Julian’s my man. Smart, hardworking, technical – he tweets XKCD.

He will happily meet in Cambridge to discuss this constructively at a surgery and we will arrange a time and date ASAP.

I have asked him to clarify his position at this point because I am not clear:

  • Option 1. Is he in favour of the situation as it is at present and believe this should go through as is?
  • Option 2. Does he recognise that mistakes have been made that make this a bad idea that needs to be reconsidered and thought through properly before it puts people out of business, or creates undue stress and pressure on people?
  • Option 3. Something else.

I want to know because I want to know what we can do to help.

  • If it is Option 1, we need to come prepared to persuade with evidence that can change his mind.
  • If it is Option 2, we need to understand how we can help him build enough evidence to address this and fight with him so that even the elected representatives of the people in Parliament will listen.

I am hoping it is Option 2. Either way, I always enjoy talking with him and would only want to involve people who are interested in a constructive discussion about how we can solve this. Get in touch. I am mark @ thebln com

P.S. Not sure I mentioned it enough times in that last postSign this petition if you agree