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Follow up from December post.

Dear Colleague,
It is an honor to make contact with Business of Software again.  In December, I last contacted you and this time is the last notice I can send for this year. All that is asked for is for your company to make a submission by the final Feb 20th deadline.  Previous winners includehousehold names such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Skype, eBay, Salesforce, Baidu, Rakuten, Renren and Zynga so the process does require serious discussion and thought among your upper management, marketing team and the CEO.

The Red Herring is initiating the roll-out for our annual 2015 Top 100 Europe forum in Amsterdam to be held on April 13-15 2015. This year, we are seeking out the most exciting companies from Europe.  Minimum criteria are as follows to first be eligible to proceed further: private company, technology or innovative business, not a previous winner (after 2011), HQ based in Europe or Israel/Russia, and finally the online submission must be completed by the deadline unless we arrange otherwise. Early stage to late stage innovative companies are suggested to first apply before we make any decision on whether the company can be a Finalist.

If you would like to see an overview of past attendee testimonials about this award and event please have a look here: You can also look through our main site page listed below or look at the videos here:  Also here is the upcoming agenda: . In terms of investors here is a list of the speakers/investors that we had last year: Generally it is 20+ of top tier VCs that will be present.

Submissions are accepted at the below link with preferred deadline of Feb 20th. Submission Code (JB2015) should be used at the beginning of the application. All information is treated confidentially; however, if you do not want to provide your financial numbers or anything that is sensitive then replace with the word ‘Confidential’.

Initial submission page:

Finally, please let me know if you want to go forward this year for your application, which would only enhance your status for the following year if you still did not make it to the Red Herring 100 Finalist stage in 2015.

Joseph G Baxter
Managing Director, Asia & Europe

Red Herring/Herring International
San Diego, CA, USA
Office: +1 (619) 400 4985
Mobile: +1 (858) 866 9321

ps. If you would not like to receive further notifications for 2016 then please let me know.

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