7 Numbers You Need to Know about the IoT | Internet of Things #IoT15

Matt Hatton at #IoT15. Great talk to kick off #IoT2015 from Matt.

Slide deck here.

The Seven Numbers You Need to Know About IoT.

Number Four

There are a diverse set of motivations behind the IoT:

  • Regulation
  • Features
  • Efficiency Gains
  • New Business Models

26 Billion

Estimated 26 billion connected devices by 2023

100 Million

Euros invested in SigFox last month.

New LWPA (Low Power Wide Area) Networks are set to have a significant impact – SigFox, Laura, Huawei (Neul).

Data transfer is very low, deliberately – trade off data for low power and longevity. Expected to cover 3 billion devices by 2023.


There is more than one Internet of Things.


Linear processes that used to define data processing, but don’t any more in the loT

Old World Model for Data:

Data Acquisition -> Data Storage -> Data Processing -> Data Presentation

IoT ignores therese rules.

1 Billion

USD Valuation of Jasper Technologies

112 Million

USD PTC spent to purchase ThingWorx with estimated revenue of $5 million. (And $170 million on Axeda


Predictions for 2015 – see Machina Research.

  1. Enterprises will get cracking in IoT
  2. More productised offerings
  3. More M&A
  4. Breakthroughs in smart city service deployments
  5. Major OS vendors disrupt the connected car market
  6. Mobile phone as the gateway for IoT
  7. A year for avatars
  8. A crunch on regulation
  9. Segmenting for success and identifying role in IoT
  10. Privacy and security reach the top of the agenda

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