Solving Real World Hard Problems With IoT

Three perspectives on how IoT is solving real world hard problems.

Vorsprung durch IoT. Andy Ward, CTO, Ubisense

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Andy offers a perspective on how Internet of Things and M2M have revolutionised the car industry moving from a highly programmed, inflexible production line to a totally flexible, personalised production line. Key is to offer context about activity.

SigFox Low Power IoT Network, Simon Trist, Arqiva

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Arqiva is now building a national low-power, low-cost IoT network using proven SIGFOX technology. The network is already operational in 10 of the UK’s largest cities. Using the network – companies are already running trials with low power connected devices and services. Simon will discuss some of the case studies of applications the SIGFOX network has surfaced e.g. connected alarms, social care in the home, smart parking and waste management.

Alexander Vannas, SOF

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Alexandr will show how SOF has addressed modern facilities management issues with Internet of Things and Augmented Reality solutions. IoT is being used to create a dynamic, self-managed data repository, optimize processes and information availability with continuous updates on equipment status, records and more. He will show the applications in action at Cantine Antinori and at VEGA2 EXPO Venice Pavilion.

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