A Call for Help | Building Email Lists

At The BLN and BoS we try, hard, to produce the world’s best conferences.

For those whom I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet – my job is to let people know about these conferences. The most effective method in terms of creating an instant reaction we have found is via our email newsletter that we send every couple of weeks.

As a company, we’ve already built our email list to a reasonable size of the 10 years or so our conferences have been running. Having recently taken the mantle of being in charge of marketing however, I would love to grow the list further, at an accelerated rate, all whilst maintaining ethics and quality in our mailing lists.

To keep it short, I would love some help in this task. I’m ‘new to the biz’ and would enthusiastically receive any advice I could. I intend to blog our progress if anyone takes me up on the offer and keep the process as transparent and interesting as possible to help share the knowledge – much in the spirit of our conferences.

The BoS Community has already started helping, with previous BoS speaker Rob Walling suggesting resources which can be found here, here, and here. I will summarise them with notes as soon as possible.

If you can help, I’d really love to hear from you. Please drop me an email whenever you can at joe@thebln.com.

As an aside, if you already receive our emails, what do you think of the content we send you?




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