Jiro Ono and René Redzepi Have a Cup of Tea

Jiro Ono and René Redzepi Have a Cup of Tea

René Redzepi, Chef at 2 Michelin starred Noma restaurant has a cup of tea with Jiro Ono, sushi master and at 90 still head of his own Sukiyabashi sushi restaurant in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.

Two extraordinary people who have taken their craft to another level. René, one of the most accomplished people in his field, seems rather overwhelmed by Jiro’s wisdom and thoughts on life…

  • What does work mean?
  • Balancing tradition and innovation
  • Teaching craft across generations
  • Accomplishment
  • On mastering craft and why it takes 50 years to be a sushi master

“Did you ever question what you were doing?” René

“The only questions was, how can I get better?”

“The people who are truly at top won’t say, they want to retire at 70 or 80.They just fasten their seat belts after that.” Jiro

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