Business of Software Conference Europe – Paying it Forward Scholarships

A chance to attend Business of Software Conference Europe as a guest. Act by 1st June.

One of the best things about coming to any Business of Software Conference is the people you will meet. They are whip smart and a friendly, open bunch. Many are experts in their fields but wouldn’t call themselves such. People are happy to listen, offer suggestions, make connections, it is something that we encourage as much as we can. People do business together over time and you can be sure that once you have joined the community, there will always be someone who can help, sometimes years later. People remember the hands up they get along the way too.

Business of Software is a paid conference and has very limited sponsorship so we can focus on delivering value to our customers – the attendees. This means that not everyone who would like to can afford the cost of attendance. While we do try to support worth causes – this year for example we will have some Princes’ Trust entrepreneurs working in the industry – as well as a speaker who is a graduate of that programme and HMP – more of that another time.

Then we have people like Shawn Anderson, from Admin Arsenal (excellent tools to manage computers across your network) who received a scholarship when he was starting out in his business. Shawn is donating two scholarships to Business of Software Conference Europe (24-25th June) as a way of giving something back. Truth is, Shawn gives back every year by coming to the event, helping others and maintaining the network. We are really grateful to Shawn for his kind offer. Thank you.

So two scholars. Want to be one? Let us know if:

  • You want to come to BoS but your company really can’t afford the price of the ticket right now. Please give some details about what you would like to get our of BoS if you came.
  • You commit to pay the favour forward. If you get a ticket to BoS Conference, what will you do that benefits the world?

Register here by 1st June and we will select two deserving recipients.

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