Apple vs the FBI | Only the Paranoid Will Survive

Only the Paranoid Will Survive.

So much misinformation, propaganda, marketing hype and general BS about the Apple vs FBI iPhone discussion it is beginning to resemble a political ‘debate’ about the election of a new President or whether Britain should leave the EU…

The FBI have withdrawn their lawsuit against Apple who claimed that even they couldn’t unlock an encrypted iPhone. Israeli cybersecurity firm, Celllebrite, in a stroke of marketing genius,¬†take credit for assisting the FBI in cracking the phone, great PR for them, a company most people have never heard of, and the FBI.

Not so much for Apple who were backed by many, including the High Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations. The FBI, regardless of whether the claim is true, can hit back at Apple where it really hurts. Apple have refused to comply with their court order, citing their commitment to protecting the rights of their users. Where it really hurts is sales. By dropping their lawsuit against Apple as they have a third party unlock the phone that Apple says can’t be unlocked on principle and without significant work on their behalf…

Apple had made a ¬†virtue out of their commitment to protecting the rights of their users. Edward Snowden has claimed for a long time that that FBI’s claim that only Apple can unlock the iPhone is ‘Respectfully, that’s Bullshit‘.

Who can you trust?

In the week that Andy Grove, author of, ‘Only the Paranoid Survive’ and ex-CEO of Intel, passed away, it seems he might have point.

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