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2016 SaaS Benchmarking Survey

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This is a reliably useful resource. David Skok from Matrix Partners has run an annual survey of SaaS companies for many years.

This year’s contains data from 336 SaaS companies and includes information on:

Survey Participants

  • 336 senior executives from a broad diversity of SaaS companies
  • $5MM median revenues with over 60 companies >425MM
  • ~50 median FTEs
  • Median customer count: ~250; 28% with >1,000 customers
  • 75% of companies were headquartered in the US
  • ~$25K median annual contract value (ACV)
  • 44% of companies use field sales as their predominant mode of distribution, while 23% of companies use predominantly inside sales

The survey results dives into:

  1. A comparison of application delivery methods
  2. Operational costs and gross margins
  3. Contract terms
  4. Retention and churn
  5. Capital requirements
  6. Accounting methods

SaaS Benchmarking Survey 2016

Part One of 2016 Annual Survey

Part Two of 2016 Annual Survey

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