Unexpected benefit of ridiculous job titles for company

As job titles get ever more ‘exotic’, (the ones below are from an actual, real, company), we realised that one unexpected benefit for companies is it makes their staff harder to recruit on LinkedIn.

If a recruiter is looking for an, ‘HR Director’, for example, they are unlikely to find a candidate from this company where the HR Director could be a Rapport Support Officer, an HR and Culture Enthusiast, a Hiring Engineer or even a People Operations Alchemist.

One company, lots of job titles…

  • Senior Bit Polisher
  • Officer of Gilead
  • Customer Support Panda
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Data Guru
  • Guru of Customer Happiness
  • Prodigal Officer
  • Customer Champion
  • Happy Customer Consultant
  • Rapport Support Officer
  • Chobo Coder
  • Mighty Morphin’ Office Ranger
  • Customer Happiness Crusader
  • Variable Declarer
  • Appstronomer
  • JavaScriptologist
  • Chief Brit
  • Recursive Metafunctionalist
  • UXpert
  • Voice of Lark
  • Customer Communications
  • HR & Culture Enthusiast
  • Master of Design
  • Systems Mentat
  • Product Designer
  • Data Illustrator
  • Empathy Engineer
  • Hiring Ambassador
  • CRM Whisperer
  • Sudo Wrestler
  • People Operations Alchemist
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Resident Beer Nerd
  • Systems Mechanic
  • Olarchivist
  • Customer Service Ninja
  • The Dark Office Knight
  • Backbonista
  • Customer Service Warrior
  • Callback Handler
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Design Catalyst

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