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Chris Spiek

Chris Spiek

Partner, ReWired Group

Chris has spent many years building great products based on the JTBD, with a special emphasis on empowering web developers.

With a background in web development, interactive marketing strategy and disruptive innovation, Chris has a long career in making the internet pay. Simple as that.

Uncovering the Jobs to be Done

A jobs to be done interview

Business of Software US 2013

Customers (that’s you and me, by the way) lie. Sad but true. Not maliciously, not even consciously, most customers don’t know, or won’t admit, what they want from their product.

You couldĀ see this as a frustrating fact of business. Bob Moesta and Chris Spiek see it as a great opportunity to get ahead of the competition and in this excellent 50 minute session they demonstrate how to unearth some deep insights into customer motivation using the Jobs to be Done framework.

This is one of our favourite talks from BoS 2013, because it is so practical and actionable. Watch this if you want to:

  • Learn what makes your customers switch to, or from, your product (it’s often not what they’re telling you)
  • Find a new source of inspiration for marketing messages
  • Unearth new insights into how to find and motivate your customers.

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