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Dan Lyons

Dan Lyons

Editor, Newsweek

Dan Lyons, aka Fake Steve Jobs, aka technology editor at Newsweek when he spoke at BoS in 2012, is a writer, blogger and journalist.

He has covered technology for two decades for Forbes, Newsweek, ReadWrite and is now Marketing Fellow at Hubspot. Along the way he made some waves with a groundbreaking blog, The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, which drew as many as 1.5 million visitors each month.

As a tech journalist Dan covered everything from supercomputing to smartphones, writing Newsweek cover stories on Apple’s iPad and Google’s Android operating system, as well as important features on Facebook and Twitter.

The Mobile Future Real vs Meme Businesses: Pitching Technology to Journalists

Business of Software US 2012

Dan Lyons aka “Fake Steve” talks about the future of mobiles, and the possible death of Apple, based off of the life cycle of RC

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The mobile future and journalism

dan lyons

Business of Software US 2012

If your business ever needs to talk to journalists, watch this. Dan’s talk looks at the media’s view of the technology world and explaining how the world of tech journalism really works.

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