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Dave Collins

Dave Collins

Founder, SoftwarePromotions

Maybe you feel that your website should be getting more visitors from Google? People who are searching for what you sell? Maybe you’re afraid of the consequences of trying to do SEO for yourself?

At Dave’s┬ádigital marketing company, SoftwarePromotions, he helps small and medium-sized businesses tap into all that Google offers, safely and efficiently. Whether you’re looking for a company to handle this on your behalf or train and assist you while you do it yourself. Dave has extensive experience working with start-ups, small and medium sized businesses and beyond.

You deserve the best SEO and Google AdWords campaigns for your business. Let me help you create them.

Best Practice in SEO and Web Design

Business of Software US 2014

Dave Collins CEO and Founder of Software Promotions leads BoS Conference USA through a series of website tear downs from willing volunteers in the audience. Amazing what you learn when your website is seen with a fresh pair of eyes. All of the sites that were reviewed have changed since this talk…


The BLN is now Business of Software

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