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David Heinemeier Hansson

David Heinemeier Hansson

Founder, CEO, Creator, Basecamp, Ruby on Rails

David created Ruby on Rails, the open source web framework in 2003. That would pretty much define most careers but he is also founder & CTO at Basecamp.

(Formerly 37signals – a $100 billion private company though achieving this valuation was probably the easiest thing he has done).

He has thoughtful opinions, is a best-selling business author – Rework, Remote: Office Not Required, Agile Web Development with Rails.

He is also a Le Mans class-winning racing driver, hobbyist photographer, and family man.



Business of Software US 2015

Among the cardinal sins of software, few rank as highly as rewriting your application from scratch. Basecamp has sinned not once, but twice. In this talk David will give you the courage to hit the reboot button too.

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