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Greg Baugues

Greg Baugues

Director Client Services, Table XI

Greg serves as Director of Client Services at Table XI. He also has ADD and Bipolar and co-founded Devpressed, a community where techies can discuss mental illness.

Greg is a developer with Type II Bipolar and ADHD. He has been writing and speaking about mental illness in the developer community, ever since he lost a coworker, Caleb Cornman, to untreated mental illness. There’s a lot of shame around being sick, and mental illness is treated much differently than physical illness, which causes people who are suffering to avoid finding help.

Developers, Entrepreneurs and Mental Health

Bauges 2013

Business of Software US 2013

This is the only talk in the history of Business of Software Conference that has ever had a standing ovation. It was well deserved. This talk is heroic, funny, sad, dark, uplifting, brave, thoughtful, intelligent, inspiring and helpful talk confronting and explaining some of the stigma around mental illness we could ever put in front of the software community. As a result of this talk, a number of very high profile, role models in our community have been given the strength to share their experiences.


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Developers, entrepreneurs and depression

Greg Baugues, Table XI

Business of Software US 2013

Greg applied for a Lightning Talk slot to talk about depression and developers. Depression is a topic that many of us have struggled with over the years and we have always thought that there might be more people out there that did than, ‘just us’.

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