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Jeremy Bassett

Jeremy Bassett

Global Marketing Director, Unilever

As a Global Marketing Director, Jeremy is responsible for cultivating business opportunities which can grow to become the future of Unilever.

This includes developing new technologies, business models and partnerships.

Jeremy is responsible for leading Unilever’s engagement with start-up accelerators such as Springboards IoT program and is mentoring various start-ups focussed on consumer-interfacing IoT opportunities.

During Jeremy’s 10 years at Unilever, he has lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore & the UK. Jeremy has a marketing and commercial background, with a degree in Accounting & Marketing, he’s CPA qualified and has an MBA from London Business School.

What do Unilever’s customers want from IoT?

Internet of Things 2014

Recorded at IoT14. Unilever’s products are among the best known in the world and their business depends on getting closer to customers. In this session, Jeremy Basset, Unilever’s New Ventures Director, shares some of their thoughts on how the IoT might help them

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