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Peter Bauer

Peter Bauer

Founder & CEO, Mimecast

Peter Bauer is the founder and CEO of Mimecast, a cloud-based enterprise email management system.

Mimecast was founded over ten years ago and like most companies, it took a while for them to find ‘the thing’. They have grown into a successful company on any measure over that time – offices all over the world, 6,000 paying enterprise customers, 350 employees, $70 million revenue, happy customers. The week before Business of Software Conference 2012, Mimecast announced a $62 million funding round to accelerate the growth of the business. ‘Big’ funding rounds for companies get people talking about companies and in the enterprise software space, big funding rounds are often the first time that people hear about companies and this can give the impression that their ‘success’ has been ‘meteoric’.

A fully committed and serial entrepreneur, Peter’s studied marketing in South Africa.  He trained as a Microsoft systems engineer and began working with corporate messaging systems before founding his first technology company FAB Technology in the mid-nineties.

Following the successful acquisition of FAB Technology by Idion (which he led as MD), he subsequently to move to the UK where he founded Mimecast. He now spreads his time between London, Boston, San Francisco, Cape Town, Johannesburg and some other suspiciously sunny places in the world where Mimecast has offices.




Founding and Scaling Business

Business of Software US 2012

Peter talks on founding your business, and possibly using those same principles to scale your business

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Founding principles vs scaling principles

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Business of Software US 2012

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