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Sarah Hatter

Sarah Hatter

Founder, CoSupport

Sarah Hatter was once a famous blogger before she became even more famouser working for 37signals.

After 14,000 years running the 37signals support team, she went all Jerry Maguire and started CoSupport, a way for small web and mobile app teams to provide amazing customer support for a small fee.

She dropped in to Business of Software 2013 to explain why you underestimate customer support at your peril and we instantly became enormous, stalker-ish fans.

Humanising The Web

Sarah Hatter

Business of Software UK 2014

Most tech companies would claim to personalize customer experiences but in fact, very few tech companies do a good job of doing this online. Customers are looking for the general store – that local place where their experience is personalized and where they can have an authentic relationship with the vendor.

Sarah will help BoS delegates understand how to build a more human, personal experience for their customers. A more honest relationship that not only builds loyalty but is also much more effective in helping you understand what and why they are buying.

In 8,000 transcripts of live chat conversations with 5 large tech companies polled over a 1 year period, 90% of customers asked, “Are you a robot?”

What does this mean about what customers are expecting from companies, and what companies need to do better for their customers?

How can you implement some simple techniques to humanize your customer’s experience with your brand?

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Support is never, ever as important as product development

Sarah Hatter

Business of Software US 2013

Why is support still a dirty word in some companies? After more than 10 years in technology and support, including setting up the support function for 37 Signals, Sarah Hatter has some pithy, pertinant and downright hilarious stories to tell about why it’s important, what it can do for you and what it does to build a better, stronger company.

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